Steven Sarmiento

UX/UI | Visual | Illustration

Jan 89’ - Present

My name is Steven and I believe life is one massive multiplayer game. We master specific aspects of it with an open outlook, massive dedication, and discipline in what we are creating.

I am focusing my current journey on building products & crafting user experiences because I'm passionate about improving human interaction and communication through design.

Life West

A little back story

I started learning by designing ideas I had and teaching myself to build websites. In 2010 some friends and I built a business that sold craft-beer from local breweries to people in over 36 states. Being a part of Untapped Brews allowd me to grow my understanding of communication, brand design, and building out marketing strategies for a business.

When Untapped ended, I took an opportunity to work with a great team at re:think, an agency where I grew my chops as a visual designer by creating websites, logos, icons, and interfaces; ultimately mastering the tools I use every day.

Present day, I live in and work in Hayward, California where I've helped build the marketing team for an amazing nonprofit graduate program at Life West. As their web developer & designer I contribute to building the story and brand for an institution that is shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals and personal health globally.



Visual Designer

April 13’ - December 14'

What I've Learned

re:think is a New Jersey based web agency that helps local businesses build their online presence and grow their business with the help of a proper website and an SEO/content marketing strategy. I was hired as their first Visual Designer to speed up their design workflow for 20+ local businesses.

What I learned at and took away from re:think was how to design mockups and prototypes quickly. Being the only visual designer on the team helped me build and grow my understanding of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch rather quickly. I worked with project managers and clients to gather the feedback and content needed. I then pushed designs to the developers to built out the final products.

I began by designing ads, website assets, icons and logo marks. Then quickly progressed to full websites and some user interfaces. Those experiences were key to my learning. While working on the team we achieved #370 on the Inc 500’s list of fastest growing companies in our locale. They have continued to grow to #330.

I’m grateful, thankful, and amazed to have had this experience so early on. The fast paced environment, small team, and great humans helped build my workflow, processes, and experience.

nadia-fakhoury Tom McVey

Steven was a valuable asset to our team. We hired him to speed up our design work flow and create prototypes when necessary. We needed a quick turn arounds on projects and he delivered well. He kept great relations with our clients and delivered on some tough deadlines.

tom-mcvey Erica Tahan

Steve's capability to juggle multiple projects was unlike anything I've seen from a designer – it made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team.

tom-mcvey Brianna DeLeasa

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I love learning the software, It's facinating what you can do when you really spend time with systems and languages.



Designer - Developer - Learner

January 12’ - Present

What I've Learned

Learning truly never stops. I submerse myself in it as much as I can, in order to create and build the future I want to see.

Working side projects allows me to take on work that I may have not been able to explore in a normal 9-5. These side projects helps me build upon my dev chops and allow me to get creative as well. This all leads to better communication with with developer teams as well as designers because I can articulate ideas and concepts in a manner that they both can understand.

Freelancing has allowd me to organize and optimize my focus as well as build on what’s important when working on multiple projects at once. I've built time management and project management skills. Working with many clients/projects/contractors at once can be overwhelming but I've been able to create a process that work for me and not against me.


Nadia Fakhoury

I appreciated his insight and the innovation that he provided at every stage in the design process, as well as the promptness in his work. He was always open to feedback and he made sure I was completely satisfied with the end result.


Livingston B.

Steven helped me put my design together and it really came out the way we had hoped. He continued to support me for years on updates. Before he helped us, we didnt have anything online and Steven has brought B&N to a new level.



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As a freelance designer I've had expeience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI design, Marketing and SEO.

I believe with a user centric approach you should able to grab the attention of your users while meeting both yours and their needs.

I want to build and work on projects that I'm passionate about, keep me engaged, and challenge me. I strive to be a better designer, developer, and builder.


Untapped Brews was an online retail store for local craft breweries. The benefit was the breweries were able to sell to consumer at a discounted rate and reach a far wider audience. Breweries would have access to our users and we would provide their beer at a special rate on our platform.

Untapped Brews consisted of 3 co-founders (2 active founders, 1 silent partner). I handled everything design related and we outsourced the development. My co-founder handled the business side, and we both handled the marketing of the website and events.

It was rewarding experience as well as a humbling one to learn and grow as an business owner, marketer, and designer.


The Wealthy Healthy is a podcast and blog dedicated to inspiring better mental, physical, and financial health. It's primary purpose is getting you fired up to make improvements in your life.

It started as an idea to share useful content and speak with interesting individuals from all backgrounds. It has grown beyond 50+ episodes, 25+ interviews, 8,500+ downloads, with a listening audience in 20 countries and 28 states.

At The Wealthy Healthy I handle the website development and design, along with the audio engineering for the show. Check us out @ The Wealthy Healthy!

I really love to spend my time creating; it's where I find my flow. I strive and am grateful to be working on multiple projects that fullfill me. I strive to be aware of myself and constantly am evaluating and improving upon myself as a human.


Life Chiropractic College West

Web Design & Development

August 14’ - Present

What I've Learned

I had the opportunity to help build the Marketing & Creative Team at Life West. The team drives the conversation around the institution and the chiropractic profession for prospective students, alumni, and the public eye.

I've worked closely with the team of now 6 on SEO optimization/best practices, creating landing pages for campaigns, and optimizing our students web experience.

Working at the college has alowed me to expand my knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and wordpress as well as gain expeience in SEO, digital marketing, and best practices for a good user experience.

The number 1 hurdle for a prospective student is accessible information when inquiring about an institution. A simple redesign of our inquiry form increased our leads online by 50% per month.

The problem was simple, the inquiry form was cluttered and hard to fill out. It was preventing students from inquiring.

The solution for us was to re-asses and re-design the form with more of a simple, user centric approach.

Our digital marketer provided me with the information we need to collect from prospective students. I built out and designed the prototype to spec, as well as conducted user tests with our Director of Enrollment, multiple admissions reps, and two current students who underwent the previous inquiry proccess before the change.

My take away is that sometimes a simple change can make a big difference to the performance and experience of the product.

Before trying out new ideas and building out features or servies, looking at what you can improve within your existing product can in many cases be a better option.

Testing is important. In the end, good feedback was the key to this forms success. The user testing, despite the small sample, helped decide what functionality was needed and not needed in the final iteration.

A comprehensive redesign an event landing page led to a 30% increase in sign ups for future events & a more managable back end enviroment for the event managers.

The problem was the number of prospective students registering for the quarterly recruitment event was slowly declining as the program aged. The landing page was outdated and in need of a new design. The back end systems/processes also needed updating.

We took this opportunity to redesign the landing page with the prospective student and the event manager in mind.

I had creative freedom to rethink the approach we had visually. We went through multiple iterations, testing with project stake holders and managers of the event.

Iterative design is your friend! Cyclical testing, design and implemintation is important to a good user experience. This intern can help grow your business.

A simple refresh to pages on a website can do wonders to the experience of the user.

The problem is full website redesigns are costly, especially for a nonprofit institution. Resources are scarce and time is better spent on other campaigns.

A solution was a more managable refresh of the individual website pages to better portray current content on the site allowing users a better browsing experience.

I went through the main website and updated typographic styles along with a better use of white space in order to give the same website a refreshed feel.

My take away is you don't always need to completely redesign everything, in fact, sometimes resources are better spent elsewhere on more urgent projects.

A user centric design in combination with optimized online marketing helped The WAVE acheive a record number of attendees in 2017. Roughly 2,000+ doctors, students, alumni, and prospective students attended.

Life West hosts an annual, industry leading seminar called The WAVE. The team worked on a refresh of our previously redesigned 2017 event page.

In a non for profit orginization, time and budget are considerations when redesigning. Tools like Wordpress are amazing ways to cut costs and keep development time to a minimum. While Wordpress is a versitle content management system, often times the base themes and their functionality don't meet the needs of the organizations using them. This leads to custom developed pages, plugins and functionality using languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

The redesign gave our users a more fluid online experience and highlighted the good content the site already had to offer.